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SolveSA is a socio-economic, impact-driven platform – or development agency – that enables clients to implement transformation projects and solutions that align with their change objectives. Our transformation solutions are driven by our proprietary theory of change methodologies, which are backed by formalised socio-economic impact parameters.


Addressing black ownership is the most complex part of the B-BBEE scorecard, and can be costly if not implemented with due consideration. We solve these ownership complexities, such as ownership surrender, tax efficacy and long-term participation growth, for our clients.

We have an expert understanding of B-BBEE skills development requirements across both generic and all sectoral B-BBEE dispensations. This allows us to optimize your skills training expenditure to achieve the desired B-BBEE scoring outcomes, while providing a meaningful learning experience for beneficiaries; where appropriate, we make use of proprietary technology. Our process also seeks to optimally leverage tax incentives. 

Socio-Economic development is a responsibility carried by all companies and should be aligned to their business strategies as well as have an impact on
South Africa and its society as a whole.

Compliance with Skills and Labour legislation can be a daunting task, but remains a critical component for any company operating in the SA environment. We offer flexible solutions which cover all compliance matters around Labour, Employment Equity and Skills Development.

  • Labour service
  • WSP / ATR submissions
  • Employment Equity

Enterprise and supplier development (ESD) is a powerful mechanism for change in South Africa. The economic output of our country’s small- and medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs) provides over half of our national gross domestic product (GDP) and employs 60% of our labour force. Strategically focusing on black-owned SMEs for investment and business acceleration unlocks their growth potential, subsequently creating jobs and reducing poverty. This elevates and empowers our industry, society and nation.​

Related products are vetted solution products and services that enhance and simplify B-BBEE processes.

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This Toolkit will help you to better understand: the B-BBEE Codes, the different scorecards, how the points are calculated and also provides basic actions which you can take to start improving your score.

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